Anna Sisk is a great coach and mentor. Working with her has been a comfortable experience. Anna takes her time to help you and make you an authority in the marketing industry. I met her on Facebook and we have grown to become friends because she’s such a humble person. If you need any coaching do not hesitate to contact her. Coaching with such an individual will help you gain the experience and knowledge you need to grow.

Rosa S. Pena



I highly recommend Anna’s Mastery Courses to those that are new to network marketing. I took her Branding Mastery courses and it was amazing! I learned some tricks on how I can increase my likes, comments and friend requests on Facebook and how to brand myself and gain credibility. Her Prospecting & Recruiting course helped me to learn how to be more confident in approaching new prospects and how to get them interested in you and your opportunity. Anna is a wonderful coach and is very patient, caring and compassionate to those that she mentors. She has gained so much wisdom in her years as a network marketer and offers her knowledge and experience in these courses. It is well worth the investment to learn from a seasoned professional!

Gwen S.

Lisa Wagner

   It has truly been a pleasure working with Anna she is brilliant when it comes to Marketing. She has helped me achieve a 2K day which surprised me because I am new to the Industry. I have a true understanding now of what Marketing and Branding is thanks to her. If you get a chance join her Freedom Empire Academy  you wont regret it.

Lisa W.    

Jenns Pic For my BLOGGY

The Freedom Empire Academy has been an essential part of helping me develop my business. Anna over delivers in every way with her unique one of a kind training.

Jennifer Waller The International Entrepreneur

miranda Hayes 2

Anna your Trainings are so boss! It’s been 2 years for me working from home and I have to say I owe it to you for teaching me how to work my business online.

Miranda Hayes



I’ve been in Marketing 4 years before I met Anna Sisk, No One ever told me that I should be branding Betony Garner and NOT the company I was working for!! I’ve gotten really good results over my career, but since meeting Anna and following her coaching I’m now getting better “Quality” of people in to my business. It takes “Quality” people to really build a Long-Term, Life Changing kinda Income you want online!!Anyone can be a mass recruiter, but it doesn’t matter if those people don’t stay around and build an Empire with you!! With Anna Sisk’s training I’m building an Empire that will last for my Great-Great-GrandKids!! She has skills, and  I feel blessed she came into my life just 10 months ago!!

Betony Garner

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