Sometimes you do not realize the things that could be holding you back from earning a profit in your business because no one is there to point things out and tell you.

So, continue reading because I am going to give you a breakdown of what are some of the 5 mistakes you could be doing right now in your business.

  1. FOCUS–  Where is your focus? is it on your kids, family, workplace? Some just lose their focus because life is tugging at them daily and you never find the time to fit your business life in. Working online requires you to take ownership of your time. Since you do not have a boss and you are the boss guess what you must take that seriously. So, set aside time daily and become more focused and you will see it work.
  2.  SAYING TO MUCH- Are you saying to much about your business on your social media sites meaning are you dropping links all over the place and when someone asks you about your business you start going off about how your company does 5 million in sales and that the compensation plan offers this and that and yada yada. Look as excited as you are about your business sometimes saying to much can really confuse people they do not care about all that what they really care about it how is it and will it help them. What can this opportunity or product change their life. Focus on the solution you are giving to your clients and customers and direct them to a website, webinar, Opportunity call etc. let that do the explaining and telling for you and then after that they can ask their questions and you give them the proper answer.
  3. NOT HAVING ANY AUTOMATION– By this I mean you are doing all the work yourself and not letting systems or people help you. You cannot run a successful thriving business without some things becoming automated meaning some of your social media sites can become automated I show my team how to automate some of their social posts and emails. And you can outsource some work to people sometimes so you do not get burnt out on spending so much time doing things yourself.
  4. ACTION PLAN- Your business and its success is up to how much action you take to make it work and function properly. You cannot expect real results without doing some work. The problem with any business or someone starting a new business they come in with non-realistic views. They think they will come in start a business and earn 6 figures in 30 days. Think long term is what can I do now to help my business reach success in 6 months and focus on that and do it every day and stay consistent.
  5. PEOPLE QUIT TO SOON– This one is what happens so often people come in and quit so soon in one week if they do not see results they are like I knew it this is not for me. If you keep telling yourself that it is not for you that will be a certainty but if you focus and stay active every day in your business you will reap rewards because you hung in there. Let me give you an example if an athlete quits he will never get to play the game the same applies to your business how can you expect something to work if you refuse to put in the time and work.

So, I hope you really looked at these five things that could be stopping you now and dig deep and take action to correct them. I know that this is not easy to do when life tests you but only you can make your business become what it needs to be my friend.



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See you at the top,

Anna Sisk


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