When Friends And Family Can’t Support your dreams what do you do?

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When Family and Friends don’t Support Your Dreams What next?

In the beginning of my Marketing Journey I had no support from friends or family asking them to buy something was like pulling teeth it took years for my family to show me support it was frustrating because when you first join a company you are beyond excited and you want to tell everyone right?

I just did not understand why they could not just celebrate my journey with me why did it have to be so hard. So you probably are asking yourself why is it so hard for them to show me support?

Let me answer that for you which will make alot of sense.

People cannot support something they do not understand. They have no idea what it is you are doing so how can they. Even if you explain it to them it is foreign to them. I for years could not make sense of it all I became a bit bitter inside and wanted to be mad at them but when I started to understand why it made so much sense to me.

You see to them they have read all the negative press it is a scam it is not going to work because other people have tried it and failed they would tell me. So what you need to do is this.

Start seperating yourself a little from the negative remarks and negative vibes. Start surrounding yourself with like minded people. Start believing in yourself and your dreams. Become so engaged in your business plan that nothing can shake you. Once you take the certain steps you will see things start to change your walk your talk and how you approach people when they ask you what is it that you do?

Guaranteed your Aunt Gloria will want to know what you are selling and that you are looking amazing. When you start to focus on your own results and happiness despite what others think, Oh watch out because all of sudden things change at a blink of an eye.

I know how hard it can be to have no one in your corner and feel like when I am going to have a cheering section. But at the end of the day you are your cheering section you are your motivation YOU are the core of your business.

So cheers to your Future Success I wish you the best and hang in there and stay awesome!!!

If this helped you please share it with your friends and someone you know is struggling because of negative family members. Lets help them together!!


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