How To Find Your Passion

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I have read many books on inspiration and self development and you will always hear the writer say find your passion find your calling.

And the truth of the matter is that some people do not know how or what that even means to them.

I didn’t understand it when it was first presented to me ” Find Your Passion Anna”

I had to really understand what that meant. So I really looked at my life and I saw so much loss in my life so much hurt and I felt really alone in my own grief with life. I looked at things and could not bring  myself to see the positive in it.

I had hit a hard place in my life and became so pissed off ha ha (Laughing)

I literally sobbed in my car for hours I ended up driving who knows how long until night came wishing the day would end I was in deep despair and no relief came just a still silence.

I felt life was unfair and that I had so much crap had been done to me.

How Could I see the positive light?  I had a breakthrough in my mind I came across so many other people that had lost their freedom in just walking normal or having a normal life they had to learn to live through struggles.

I started to have a awakening within myself to not lose hope. To not lose myself in my grief.

So I looked at what pained me what kept me up at night and I started to see my own condition of fibromyalgia and my losses and I wanted to help other women like me. I wanted to create a community of people that would be life changers So I started networking with others like me who had a story who had a vision.

I began to take myself out of my own needs and start helping others. I dug deep inside my soul and I started to help one person and another and another. I began this circle of influence and now I can’t be stopped.

So I finally found what I love to do which is write, Inspire, Network and build people up. My passion is helping others find their passion also. My Passion is helping people understand theirs. So let me ask you what is your passion? If you are not happy right now you are not living it out. If you have pain instead of happiness you are settling. So what do you love to do? what brings out your inner flame? what makes you so satisfied to see it come to pass. Now if you have issues within yourself you need to fix them by all means seek help to get yourself right and pursue a healthy mind. But stop blaming your past for your present outcomes. You have control of your life and no one can take that away from you but you.

Seek out answers seek out your calling and go do that. Wake up everyday knowing your passion is doing what you love to do. I know some of you are like I love making money. Well why do you love making money? what is your reason? Is it to just waste it away on things that will collect dust or is it to change your world and build a future with it. Passion= Purpose Remember that. If you cannot bring out purpose then your passion is only serving you and no one else.

Passion has to be the reason you finally can reach your goals in life. Your passion is doing what you love to do. Become it and live it.

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  1. “So I finally found what I love to do which is write, Inspire, Network and build people up. My passion is helping others find their passion also Yasssss!!! Love what we do!!! Thanks Anna Sisk for being you and inspiring me.

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