Email Marketing Make The Most Of Every Email You Send

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Email Marketing “How To Make The Most Of Every Email You Send”

Why is Email Marketing so important for your business is the question you should be asking yourself.

When I became a Newbie in the industry and I started my first Network Marketing business I did not have a clue about Email Marketing.

And No one in my Network Marketing Training taught me this one simple thing to learn.

If I would have taken the steps to find out how I could grow a list of buyers it would have saved me so much time.

Now I am not talking about wasting your money on a dead lead list that most solo ad vendors try to sell you no offense to the vendors but I have had nothing but people try and scam me with $100 solo ads promising me conversions and sales and nothing but disappointment hit me when it was all over and done with.

Have you ever been so frustrated with spending money on this and that. But I will tell you this and I am laying it out to tell you what the Gurus won’t.

As a Network Marketing Professional this is my advice to you because I care.

Focus on growing your list NOW!! this should be the #1 thing you are focusing on. Think about it when someone opts in to your business opportunity or offer that means that they want or are interested in what you have to offer.

So here are some tips you can use today.

  1. Get a Auto-responder meaning one that will work and be easy for you to manage now I recommend  Get Response it is more simpler to use if you are a newbie.
  2. Get Landing pages and sales pages But Get Response has that covered also  and learn how to promote your product or services. Create ones that stand out from the ones your company gave you. Remember I am all about you branding you.
  3. Make sure to create great content when you send emails to your list remember people need to know your product is creating a solution for them.
  4. Your Subject Line should be a attention grabber. Not a spam grabber Earn 500K now open this.
  5. Answer your email messages and create a follow up series so your auto-responder can keep in touch with your subscribers weekly.

It really does not have to be complicated to create a list you just have to get use to writing and becoming creative with your messages. Key tip it is like talking to someone you know do not become robotic because then it is like every other email they receive be original.

Check out here the great ones I recommend.



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I hope you enjoyed my blog post “DROP A COMMENT” and let me know what you liked or did not like about this. Sharing is Caring so make sure to share this with someone that needs the help.


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