Your MLM Company went under What do you do Now?

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So what do you do when the company you have trusted for 6 months or even years shuts it doors?

This has been the subject many have been dealing with since the Vemma Shut down. This year has been one of the years that I have noticed has been the hardest in business for alot of people.

I can sympathize with those that have lost the belief in a company to be uncertain of the future. I have a large team in a MLM and they have also asked me this question.

What happens if this shows up at our doors?

All i can say is this we are all capable of getting back up once we fall down and experience loss in anyway. Because I have experienced many losses I am all to familiar with the feeling of what now.

All your hard work all the time and money spent on building something what is the choice that you have left. You can either feel sorry for yourself go into a deep depression period where your time will be spent on just feeling empty inside. You and I both know that will do you no good. Feeling angry and at a loss is what you are allowed to feel you can grieve a loss that is a natural thing we go through but do not to stay there.

I was watching How Reggie Bush lost his Heisman Trophy imagine the loss he felt to lose everything he worked so hard for based off a decision that he thought was good. Now I am not saying he didn’t do anything wrong but he in his heart may have had good intentions but it did not work out well for him in the long run.

But if you see what he did he went through a period of loss but got back on his feet he did not give up on his career in football did he? No, he kept going and made sure that he was going to fulfill what he said he would do.

So what can you do right now if this is you I am speaking of.

1. Tell your story of what you experienced with your audience on social media and your team especially if you are a Leader who had many people on your team.

2. Create Value and monetize it to help you get back on your feet financially. Ebook, video, Guide,

3. There is a reason you are in this industry find out how you can help others in this business also.

4. Find another company or create a product you know can help people not let this happen to them.

I feel branding your name and sharing your knowledge of what skills you have will help you gain your confidence back. I also recommend for anyone who this has not happened to make sure you have a Nest to fall back on so that in case anything should happen you will be prepared in some way (Although when something like this happens it is always a shock no matter how ready you might be) but it is always a good idea to have several streams of income. Some might not agree with me but you have to think of your family regardless.

I hope my tips have helped you understand that you are on the brink of something better never let your past define your future. Please comment if this has helped you in anyway and let me know. I appreciate all feedback.

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