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Do You Have a Facebook Fan Page?

If you do then great, if you don’t you are missing out on the whole process of Social Media.

The Whole reason behind face book Fan Pages is to create your brand around that Fan Page. I really want to show you how you can do that. For some of you this may not be important but for some of you it is how FaceBook wants you to approach your business.

You see Facebook Time Lines are just for being Social sharing life and lifestyle. But Fan Pages are mainly for you to display your business. I really did not pay much attention to much until I started to get into Facebook ads.

Then it became very important and crucial to my business I need to create a Fan Page that would stand out from the rest not being the typical MLM Marketer. I knew that I had to make sure my Fan Page was very important for my business growth.

Through Trial and error I found a way to use my Fan Page for Business and it has turned out profitable for me so I wanted to help the average Marketer Brand their Facebook Fan Page.

So I created this mini Step by Step training and it is Free I wanted to make sure that my methods would be simple for you to understand and that way you can use these right away.

So here is your Free Training from me please drop a comment and let me know your thoughts good or bad I love feedback.

Cheers To Your Success,

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Miranda HayesYour trainings are very insightful. I have been able to get over 700 people in front of my business. Thank you Anna for your time and expertise in brand management and attraction marketing.


Gwen Schauweker Anna’s knowledge and experience has helped me to understand about branding, engaging with people and getting more traffic. Anna’s expertise in Branding and Marketing is valuable if you are a new marketer or have been exposed to marketing, but you have been struggling. Thanks Anna for your time, training and most importantly friendship! I appreciate you very much!


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Just Show Up!


What are you talking about Anna What do you mean show up?

I was listening to Grant Cardone if you do not know who he is google him. He made a serious point to say that you have to show up.

By that he means when you enter a room what are you doing to tell people who you are as a person and by that he does not mean you as husband or wife or mother or father and that you work a 8 hour job.

He means who you are as a business minded person who are you that anyone on this God given earth should remember you. People who you mention your name should remember who you are and what you are about.

When people mention my name most know me as Anna The Life Motivator Sisk. Oh Yeah Anna Sisk the crazy Health nut but she is committed to what she does she is always online doing something for someone always inspiring and motivating others.

So lets see are most of you showing up? Are you letting people feel your energy and presence when you enter a room?

Are you leaving people with the want to google you as soon as they get home or as soon as they pull their IPhone out?

You see Grant made a great analogy of it own the Stage you are on. OWN IT when you talk to people and not just anyone talk to the winners in the room the influencers that can help you in business reach higher goals.

Now I for one will own it better I know Grant speaks the truth and he might be called arrogant by some but I call him a genius. He has learned to master his skills in sales and marketing.

I connected to his books and teaching for one reason and that is because I want that energy he has I want to know how I can attain a better skill.

So take a look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions…..

Who am I?

What makes me special from others around me?

Why should anyone listen to me?

What skills do I have or need to attain?

Why should people follow me on Social Media?

Then if you know you lack some things go out there and learn how to acquire them. Confidence is key and will get you far in life.

And if you are not the Rock Star you know you should be then that is ok just learn and adapt bring your inner Lion out.

I love this quote “If you want things you have never had you must do things you have never done”

I hope this inspired you today. let me know leave a comment or share this with someone you know needs to hear it.


To Your Success ,