Sometimes you do not realize the things that could be holding you back from earning a profit in your business because no one is there to point things out and tell you.

So, continue reading because I am going to give you a breakdown of what are some of the 5 mistakes you could be doing right now in your business.

  1. FOCUS–  Where is your focus? is it on your kids, family, workplace? Some just lose their focus because life is tugging at them daily and you never find the time to fit your business life in. Working online requires you to take ownership of your time. Since you do not have a boss and you are the boss guess what you must take that seriously. So, set aside time daily and become more focused and you will see it work.
  2.  SAYING TO MUCH- Are you saying to much about your business on your social media sites meaning are you dropping links all over the place and when someone asks you about your business you start going off about how your company does 5 million in sales and that the compensation plan offers this and that and yada yada. Look as excited as you are about your business sometimes saying to much can really confuse people they do not care about all that what they really care about it how is it and will it help them. What can this opportunity or product change their life. Focus on the solution you are giving to your clients and customers and direct them to a website, webinar, Opportunity call etc. let that do the explaining and telling for you and then after that they can ask their questions and you give them the proper answer.
  3. NOT HAVING ANY AUTOMATION– By this I mean you are doing all the work yourself and not letting systems or people help you. You cannot run a successful thriving business without some things becoming automated meaning some of your social media sites can become automated I show my team how to automate some of their social posts and emails. And you can outsource some work to people sometimes so you do not get burnt out on spending so much time doing things yourself.
  4. ACTION PLAN- Your business and its success is up to how much action you take to make it work and function properly. You cannot expect real results without doing some work. The problem with any business or someone starting a new business they come in with non-realistic views. They think they will come in start a business and earn 6 figures in 30 days. Think long term is what can I do now to help my business reach success in 6 months and focus on that and do it every day and stay consistent.
  5. PEOPLE QUIT TO SOON– This one is what happens so often people come in and quit so soon in one week if they do not see results they are like I knew it this is not for me. If you keep telling yourself that it is not for you that will be a certainty but if you focus and stay active every day in your business you will reap rewards because you hung in there. Let me give you an example if an athlete quits he will never get to play the game the same applies to your business how can you expect something to work if you refuse to put in the time and work.

So, I hope you really looked at these five things that could be stopping you now and dig deep and take action to correct them. I know that this is not easy to do when life tests you but only you can make your business become what it needs to be my friend.



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Anna Sisk


When Friends And Family Can’t Support your dreams what do you do?

annas sisk cheers to your success

When Family and Friends don’t Support Your Dreams What next?

In the beginning of my Marketing Journey I had no support from friends or family asking them to buy something was like pulling teeth it took years for my family to show me support it was frustrating because when you first join a company you are beyond excited and you want to tell everyone right?

I just did not understand why they could not just celebrate my journey with me why did it have to be so hard. So you probably are asking yourself why is it so hard for them to show me support?

Let me answer that for you which will make alot of sense.

People cannot support something they do not understand. They have no idea what it is you are doing so how can they. Even if you explain it to them it is foreign to them. I for years could not make sense of it all I became a bit bitter inside and wanted to be mad at them but when I started to understand why it made so much sense to me.

You see to them they have read all the negative press it is a scam it is not going to work because other people have tried it and failed they would tell me. So what you need to do is this.

Start seperating yourself a little from the negative remarks and negative vibes. Start surrounding yourself with like minded people. Start believing in yourself and your dreams. Become so engaged in your business plan that nothing can shake you. Once you take the certain steps you will see things start to change your walk your talk and how you approach people when they ask you what is it that you do?

Guaranteed your Aunt Gloria will want to know what you are selling and that you are looking amazing. When you start to focus on your own results and happiness despite what others think, Oh watch out because all of sudden things change at a blink of an eye.

I know how hard it can be to have no one in your corner and feel like when I am going to have a cheering section. But at the end of the day you are your cheering section you are your motivation YOU are the core of your business.

So cheers to your Future Success I wish you the best and hang in there and stay awesome!!!

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Anna Sisk

Life Motivator Sisk


How To Find Your Passion

annas passion blog post

I have read many books on inspiration and self development and you will always hear the writer say find your passion find your calling.

And the truth of the matter is that some people do not know how or what that even means to them.

I didn’t understand it when it was first presented to me ” Find Your Passion Anna”

I had to really understand what that meant. So I really looked at my life and I saw so much loss in my life so much hurt and I felt really alone in my own grief with life. I looked at things and could not bring  myself to see the positive in it.

I had hit a hard place in my life and became so pissed off ha ha (Laughing)

I literally sobbed in my car for hours I ended up driving who knows how long until night came wishing the day would end I was in deep despair and no relief came just a still silence.

I felt life was unfair and that I had so much crap had been done to me.

How Could I see the positive light?  I had a breakthrough in my mind I came across so many other people that had lost their freedom in just walking normal or having a normal life they had to learn to live through struggles.

I started to have a awakening within myself to not lose hope. To not lose myself in my grief.

So I looked at what pained me what kept me up at night and I started to see my own condition of fibromyalgia and my losses and I wanted to help other women like me. I wanted to create a community of people that would be life changers So I started networking with others like me who had a story who had a vision.

I began to take myself out of my own needs and start helping others. I dug deep inside my soul and I started to help one person and another and another. I began this circle of influence and now I can’t be stopped.

So I finally found what I love to do which is write, Inspire, Network and build people up. My passion is helping others find their passion also. My Passion is helping people understand theirs. So let me ask you what is your passion? If you are not happy right now you are not living it out. If you have pain instead of happiness you are settling. So what do you love to do? what brings out your inner flame? what makes you so satisfied to see it come to pass. Now if you have issues within yourself you need to fix them by all means seek help to get yourself right and pursue a healthy mind. But stop blaming your past for your present outcomes. You have control of your life and no one can take that away from you but you.

Seek out answers seek out your calling and go do that. Wake up everyday knowing your passion is doing what you love to do. I know some of you are like I love making money. Well why do you love making money? what is your reason? Is it to just waste it away on things that will collect dust or is it to change your world and build a future with it. Passion= Purpose Remember that. If you cannot bring out purpose then your passion is only serving you and no one else.

Passion has to be the reason you finally can reach your goals in life. Your passion is doing what you love to do. Become it and live it.

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Anna Sisk




Just Show Up!


What are you talking about Anna What do you mean show up?

I was listening to Grant Cardone if you do not know who he is google him. He made a serious point to say that you have to show up.

By that he means when you enter a room what are you doing to tell people who you are as a person and by that he does not mean you as husband or wife or mother or father and that you work a 8 hour job.

He means who you are as a business minded person who are you that anyone on this God given earth should remember you. People who you mention your name should remember who you are and what you are about.

When people mention my name most know me as Anna The Life Motivator Sisk. Oh Yeah Anna Sisk the crazy Health nut but she is committed to what she does she is always online doing something for someone always inspiring and motivating others.

So lets see are most of you showing up? Are you letting people feel your energy and presence when you enter a room?

Are you leaving people with the want to google you as soon as they get home or as soon as they pull their IPhone out?

You see Grant made a great analogy of it own the Stage you are on. OWN IT when you talk to people and not just anyone talk to the winners in the room the influencers that can help you in business reach higher goals.

Now I for one will own it better I know Grant speaks the truth and he might be called arrogant by some but I call him a genius. He has learned to master his skills in sales and marketing.

I connected to his books and teaching for one reason and that is because I want that energy he has I want to know how I can attain a better skill.

So take a look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions…..

Who am I?

What makes me special from others around me?

Why should anyone listen to me?

What skills do I have or need to attain?

Why should people follow me on Social Media?

Then if you know you lack some things go out there and learn how to acquire them. Confidence is key and will get you far in life.

And if you are not the Rock Star you know you should be then that is ok just learn and adapt bring your inner Lion out.

I love this quote “If you want things you have never had you must do things you have never done”

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To Your Success ,





How To Brand Yourself Online

Branding Pic 400X

Why is the most important part of your Business?

Hey Everyone!!

Branding is the most important part of your business. I have been online for awhile and have seen so many Marketers or Entrepreneurs really mess this part of their business up. Some great people out there in our industry that have so much potential but have no idea what they are lacking.

I remember when I started I was not the best at branding I had no clue what that meant. But as my knowledge grew from some of the top Entrepreneurs in the industry it became evident that either I was going to pay attention to the details or look like everyone else.

You see branding is not about being beautiful and attractive or having this amazing fake presence. It is about you being YOURSELF and sharing your LIFE with people.

Taking all that you have learned and adding VALUE to people as you know Oprah is not a size 5 but she reached into the hearts of america and made people fall in love with her realness and genuineness.

Some of the most famous people are not the most beautiful but they knew how to reach the masses by sharing what they knew best and being good at it adding their own flair.

So how can you stand out among the masses today? How can your brand help someone out there?

Here are my tips:

  1. Stand out by being yourself. Know who you are and what kind of message you want to be remembered for.
  2. Speak from the heart and don’t be afraid you will be judged.
  3. Find your Niche.
  4. Share value about what you know within your Niche.
  5. Build fans of your brand and stay connected with those that love what you share.

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Why Is Vision Important



Let me explain to what I mean…Every ounce of success will start with a vision all successful people started with a vision in mind.

It motivates you to try harder to reach a goal. If you do not have a vision of what you want then you will not work hard to get it. But if you have a vision it is like you are more focused on getting it. Your drive and work ethic will reflect it, I know it sounds so cliche and so many people talk about having vision but if you do not have an idea of where you would like to be in life and business how is the universe going to respond to you?

It may sound so silly but it is true I started to read many motivational books and articles and most of the millionaires that achieved great success started with a vision so big that it scared them and people in their lives made fun of them.

I will tell you I was surrounded by millionaires this past weekend. Did I not fit in with them? by all means I did why?? because I see myself being a Millionaire soon I can see that my life will change in a dramatic way because I know my vision I have talked about it for years I have worked hard everyday to move towards it.

So in my belief system I know that I will be one of them and I refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise and so should you.

So take some necessary steps today to create your VISION in your mind what do you want?? have you asked yourself that question WHAT DO YOU WANT? and vision what it would feel like to get it vision what you will do with all that success how will change others lives? and then set some serious goals and go for it.

Until Next time friends Talk to you soon

Anna Sisk

The empires of the future are empires of the mind.”

— Winston Churchill